Freight Cars by Class

By the early 1930s, the Pennsylvania Railroad rostered several dozen different classes of boxcars, hoppers, gondolas and other freight equipment. Despite the ongoing Depression, the 1930s saw a substantial shift in the equipment rosters of many railroads, including the PRR. Large quantities of older wood-sheathed or composite-bodied rolling stock from before WWI finally reached retirement age, and new all-steel equipment designs rapidly proliferated, becoming more popular and, for the first time more standardized in the years that would lead up to WWII. Our snapshot of cars that served one particular company illustrates the variety of the PRR's transitional boxcar designs of this era, etc etc etc.

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Railroad Class Type No. Featured
B&M BM XM-1 Boxcar XM-1 Boxcar 1
B&O BO M-15a Boxcar M-15a Boxcar 1
B&O BO M-26D Boxcar M-26d Boxcar 1
CNJ CNJ 40' Boxcar 17000-series Boxcar 1
NH NH 36' Boxcar 165500-series Boxcar 1
PRR PRR F30 with Lorain Model 40 Shovel F30 Flatcar 1
PRR PRR GLa Hopper GLa/GLc Hopper 7
PRR PRR GSd Gondola GS/GSd Gondola 3
PRR PRR X23 Boxcar X23 Boxcar 9
PRR PRR X25 Boxcar X25 Boxcar 12
PRR PRR X26 Boxcar X26 Boxcar 13
PRR PRR X28a Boxcar X28a Boxcar 2
PRR PRR X29 Boxcar X29 Boxcar 34
PRR PRR XL Boxcar XL Boxcar 51
SAL SAL B-6 Boxcar B-6 Boxcar 1