Map of Shipments

The Woodbury Clay Co. appears as the yellow triangle below. Suppliers to the Woodbury Clay Co., from which inbound carloads originated, are shown in blue. Customers to which outbound cars of clay were shipped are shown in red. Note that the markers on this map illustrate the literal origins and destinations of the various shipments, i.e., if a company shipped its wares from a freight station but was based at a separate address, the freight station is the one tagged on the map. In particular, this was necessary for some instances where a particular supplier company shipped from multiple locations, could not be exactly located. This can be ignored for outbound loads as all shipments of fireclay were, by necessity, to rail-served industrial plants.

In many locations, the original structures no longer exist, as the overwhelming majority of these companies are defunct and demolished. In fact, even their street addresses or former placenames may be gone, as rural mining and factory towns have vanished, railroads have been abandoned, and the restructuring of the street grid in various cities has left some of their former locations completely unrecognizable. Zoom into Altoona, PA for a look at one of these, where what was once the corner of 11th Ave. is now buried several feet below the 10th Ave. Expressway.

A full PRR System map from 1923, showing all lines over which each of these shipments travelled, can be viewed here. Permission has not yet been obtained to include this map directly here in order to actually trace the shipments' exact routings.

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