Thomas H. Sant & Sons Co.

East Liverpool, OH

17 Shipments

A Thomas Sant & Sons Co., with a very inconsistent middle initial, is listed as the shipper in a significant portion of the outbound shipments from Oreminea, yet no other clay pit, siding, or mining company appears to have been based in Oreminea besides the Woodbury Clay Co. So who is this mysterious figure? The Thomas H. Sant & Sons Co. was a clay brokerage firm based in East Liverpool, Ohio, operating from YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR. While the Woodbury Clay Co. itself shipped largely to manufacturers of refractory brick, and steel mills where refractory products would be molded on-site, the activities of the Thomas H. Sant Co. introduced additional variety to our list of shippers. They marketed various grades of clay from mines across Pennsylvania, Ohio and elsewhere to manufacturers of pottery, insulators and other ceramic products, usually on a per-carload basis. Finish description later.

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