Dean Coal Co.

The Deal Coal Co. was short lived and I could barely find any coherent information on it. Lots to paste here later.

Fruhlinger Colliery No. 1

Dean, PA

2 Shipments

A short-lived coal mine which has largely evaded all attempts at research. Likely somewhere in Dean Twp., Cambria Co. Map point refers only to this township. Explain more here.


Coalport, PA

1 Shipment

C&C branch, explain more here. Siding 6287, erroneously reported as being in Dean, is in sequence for Coalport along this branch, but does not appear in either 1898 or 1945. However, an abandoned structure is clearly visible on satellite imagery along the tracks at almost exactly the milepost that such a number would have been assigned to. A visit to the site and to a local historical society will be necessary to confirm the identity of this structure. Most likely, this coal tipple shut down during the Depression not long after the years of interest for this project.

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