Bill No. 32

Date Car Class Shipper Consignee Lading Details
1937-03-19 PRR F30 with Lorain Model 40 Shovel PRR 470184 F30 Thew Shovel Co./Universal Crane Co. Woodbury Clay Co. One Lorain Type 40 Power Gas Shovel

The only non-PRR document in this collection, a B&O freight bill for the shipment of a new power mining shovel to the Woodbury Clay Co. It shipped out of Lorain on the B&O, through Akron, OH to the lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. The bill specifies the weight of the load as 34300 lbs, "exact blocking wt. 800 lbs.;" this phrasing indicates the weight of the wooden chocks, supports, and chains used to secure the power shovel to the car. While a "40 ft car" was ordered, a 50' PRR F30 was supplied.

This Model 40 gas-powered mining shovel was not the first to be operated in the mines of the Woodbury Clay Co. The era of steam shovels was already over in Oreminea; this shovel appears to have supplemented an earlier gas-powered model that was in need of repair. A photo appears in that penn state gallery, link to it, finish description, lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

Freight Bill