Bill No. 11

Date Car Class Shipper Consignee Lading Details
1933-07-05 PRR X29 Boxcar PRR 29215 X29 Western Wheeled Scraper Co. Woodbury Clay Co. 1 Box Rwy. Car Drawbar Springs, 6 Rwy. Car Drawbars The freight car parts in question are repair parts for the small narrow-gauge dump cars used within the mine. Of note on this bill is the "Stop this car at" field at the upper left. This LCL shipment arrived at Altoona in a CB&Q car, and was transloaded into a PRR car for final delivery. CB&Q #42247 was a class XF-8 50' furniture car, wood-framed, built 1899—a very large car when built, but by 1933, an old and decrepit one. See Rail Model Journal, July 1989, p. 47 for more information on these cars.
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