Bill No. 18

Date Car Class Shipper Consignee Lading Details
1933-07-24 BO M-26D Boxcar B&O 277545 M-26d Butler Bros. Co. Woodbury Clay Co. 1 Case Electric Storage Batteries An LCL shipment of lead-acid storage batteries, which would have required "DANGEROUS" placards on the outside of the car. At the time, railroad shipping regulations utilized colored labels for individual packages of hazardous cargo, with a white label corresponding to acids/corrosive liquids. This shipment was ordered from the Butler Bros. supply company but did not originate at their plant, instead being shipped from a supplier somewhere in Brooklyn and departing the city by carfloat. The exact meaning of "501 Bdks Bklyn Ba Wav Tfr N.J." is unclear but most likely refers to the shipment being received and forwarded via the freight transfer terminal in nearby Waverly, N.J., which ceased operations shortly after WWII.
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